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This video illustrates our Tree Service capabilities. We work anywhere in Hartford County for Tree Service.
OUR STORY   by Andrew Bachman
The roots of Trout Brook Landscaping LLC were founded in 2008, when at 23, I returned to my home town of West Hartford from 2  years of exploring and roaming the USA by rail, bike, bus and car.  I experienced unfamiliar jobs, lifestyles and viewpoints in that time, coming to understand more perspectives than my own.   With the onset of the financial crisis, (which came as result of deceitful and unaccountable Wall Street / Washington dealings), I returned home, knowing the way to make a lasting, proud, and sustainable living is through a "Main Street" business.  Seeing the shortcomings of other American towns, I also began to miss my family and the neighborly identity of West Hartford.    I realized a Main Street business where I could have the most advantage and impact would begin here at home in West Hartford, CT !
         Business Growth   In spring of 2008, I borrowed a small pickup truck and started mowing lawns.  Working from 7 to 7,  for 12 hours each day, soon I was able to save and buy a dump truck  In 2010 we had a bad winter, and I picked up many new snow clients, and in 2011 we had an early ice storm and I was introduced to the tree business.  I saw potential and decided to study for the arborist license.  Today, I'm grateful when I recall how far we've come and how we can use our revenue to design our future.    Now, I want to share a little more of who we are at Trout Brook Landscaping.   Follow me for a few more words and we might understand each other better.
    West Hartford is my Home     My parents moved to West Hartford when my father's insurance job transferred from Boston in 1988.  My mother also soon found a position as a school social worker.  I attended Bugbee elementary, King Phillip Middle and then Hall High School, graduating in 2002.  I spent a lot of time in the Boy Scouts, running weekly meetings, campouts, summercamps, teaching workshops and leading other boys, eventualy attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.  I also enjoyed the challenge and discipline of team sports and long distance running.  I was fortunate to have many intellectual friends and teachers in all these activities, associations which helped me learn the critical thinking skills that help shape the vision of this company.
     What's in a Name  Most days, as a boy I would bring my dog down by Trout Brook, letting the dog off-leash stopping to smell along the forest paths, startling the wildlife while I was climbing trees.   These little forested slices of West Hartford nature were my playground for observing nature and daydreaming.   My love of my town's green spaces is part of the reason why I named my business "Trout Brook Landscaping"
       I've always felt a strong connection and sense of discovery in Nature.   Today, I have the good fortune to study nature for profit.     I'm  inspired by the miracle of wholistic "living systems" biology and I want everyone to discover it's secrets, through interacting with me and the business.
       'Living Soil' As a Worldview:  Let's get some background on the miracles of plant life.   The tiny microbial beings in the earth's topsoil are in a state of flow, change and interdependance.  Tiny living fungus and microbes in the soil cooperate and share food with the roots of trees  in a system of "just in time inventory" trading of nutrients and trace minerals.  Their relationships are known as "symbiotic."
        This symbiotic view of "living soil" brings us to a new way of looking at health.   The opposite of health is disease.  "Disease" is merely two words put together "dis - ease."  A community of organisms is sick when it has dis - ease.
  Dis-ease in a biological community has a cause, so let's treat the cause, not the symptons    Understanding nature as inter-dependant organisms such as "Gut Flora" in the human stomach , helps us to understand how important these microbes are (in this case for digesing food)     Trees also depend on root fungi and bacteria in "living soil" to break down their food.   When systems are disturbed (pesticides or herbicides are present), the microbes suffer and Dis - Ease in the system starts to develop.
           If you want to learn more about the magic of the soil food web with the world's premier wholistic soil scientist, Elaine Ingham,  this is a course of hers I highly recommend
       To go one step further, relationships of interdependence exists in open marketplaces in human society.   Interfering with  free market systems brings about symptoms of dis-ease like civil unrest and poverty.   These wholistic approaches are hopeful ways of viewing the world as a self sustaining system. 

           Trout Brook Landscaping LLC provides:: lawn mowing, snow removal, shrub and hedge trimming, garden installation, and tree service.  We assist with tree and garden consultation and collaboration with the garden enthusiast.   We specialize in tree pruning, removal and complete garden installation.  We are knowlegeable in proper pruning techniques and proper plant community design and siting.   We can review your goals and whether we are a good fit for your projects.  Submit a quote request on the "contact us" page or call (860) 888 8472  Sincerely,  Andrew Bachman  

Download this PDF from NOFA to learn about benefits of organic lawns

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In Winter, call us for Tree Service  (anywhere in Hartford County), and Snow Service (only in West Hartford) 
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Andrew Bachman (860) 888-8472
Home Improvement Lic  HIC 0634212
Connecticut Arborist lic #S-6222
 Massachusetts Certifed Arborist and Horticulturalist

Mass. Certified Landscape Professional
We are Licensed Arborists.
Andrew Bachman is an arborist designated by Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He can help determine which trees add value and which trees present a risk. 
Certified Horticulturalist:  The title of "Massachusetts Certified Horticulturalist" (MCH) is awarded to those professionals who fulfill specific requirements of education and experience.  Recipients have served in the industry for a minimum of three years and have successfully passed a wrtiten examination which covers a wide range of horticultural topics.
This is an example of our licensed tree service work. Here, we are using bucket trucks to remove or repair storm-damaged pine and hemlock trees in Avon and West Hartford, Connecticut.
"Trees"  A Poem by Joyce Kilmer 1914
"I think that I shall never see,  A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest, Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks at God all day,  And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in Summer wear,  A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain,  Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,  But only God can make a tree."
Ray Archuleta, Maverick soil scientist and teacher with the National Resources Conservation Service explains the best ways to understand 'soil health' as a way to prosperity and environmental restoration

Andrew's Selections for "Connecticut Canopies" Tree Replanting Campaign

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Eversource "Plan Before You Plant" - Illustrated Brochure

"Plan Before You Plant" - 1 PAGE EVERSOURCE BROCHURE

"Roadside Plantings of Merit" - Understory & Small Tree Choices

Lincoln, MA Garden Club Brochure - SMALL TREES FOR THE ROADSIDE

"Roadside Plantings of Merit" - Evergreen Tree Choices

UMASS Authoritative "Best Practice" Guidelines for How to Physically Plant a Tree
Springfield, Massachusetts, 4-Year Tree Replanting Campaign for "Street-Visible" Trees
Glastonbury, Connecticut - Tree Replanting Efforts
Connecticut Urban Forestry Council - Grants for Tree Planting Campaigns

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7 months ago
"Quality people and quality work at a fair rate! A combination that is not easy to find when hiring someone to complete a project inside or outside of your home. Andrew and his crew are courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Trout Brook Landscaping!"
a year ago
"One of the most responsive and friendly landscape artisans anywhere. Very experienced and exceptionally reliable team. They cut our grass, work on our trees, feed our lawn and provide incredible advice about any and all aspects of dealing with our property. Very reasonably priced and always courteous. Even some of our "out of the box" requests get handled creatively in a very timely fashion. Give them a call. You will not be disappointed."
a year ago
"Andrew and his team at Trout Brook Landscaping have been working at our house in West Hartford for the past two years. We've used them for gutter cleaning, spring and fall leaf cleanup, mulching, and plant bed work...and recently we had Andrew supervise removal of 14 trees including a very large pine that was threatening to fall on the house. I have been very pleased with the quality of their work...Andrew is responsive, listens to what we want to do, and gets it done quickly at a reasonable price."

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    YP Reviews

    a year ago
    Andrew and his guys are fast, efficient, hard-working and incredibly helpful. As a disabled woman, I wouldn't be able to manage in the winter without them; they're an absolute godsend. (And they're fantastic for mowing, hedge-trimming, raking, and hauling away tree branches after storms, too!)
    a year ago
    Andrew and his crew have been wonderful to work with. Responsive to our needs,willing to talk with us about any job we ask. Their response time and attention to detail are whats sets them apart from their competition. We have used them for both snow removal and for spring cleanup and would recommend them.