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Our Tree Selection Guide for "Connecticut Canopies"

These tree selections are chosen specifically for front yard or street side planting in Connecticut.
To the right of the tree name is a link to a web page which contains a description and pictures.
They are all selected to be resistant to storm breakage and are disease and pest resistant.
Small 20-to-30-foot Flowering and Ornamental Street Trees
Magnolia kobus  var ‘star’ (Star magnolia)
Cornus kousa (Korean Dogwood)
Crataegus crusgalli ‘inermis’   (Thornless Hawthorn ‘Cockspur’)
Malus species (Crabapple - dozens of choices)
Stewartia psuedocamellia  (Stewartia Tree)
Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Robin Hill’  (Serviceberry Tree Variety)
Styrax japonica (Japanese snowbell)    
Styrax obassia (American fragrant snowbell)
Syringa pekinensis ‘china snow’ (Peking Lilac)
Syringa reticulata (Japanese Tree Lilac)

               Medium 30-to-45-foot Street Trees with Patterned Bark
Acer Griseum  (Paperbark Maple)
Betula nigra ‘Cully’  (Heritage Birch)
Acer triflorum (Triflower Maple)
Ulmus parviflora (Chinese Lacebark Elm)

Medium 25-to-45-foot Street Trees with Interesting Leaves or Fruit
Tilia Americana ‘McKSentry’ – (American Sentry Linden)
Tilia tomentosa ‘Sterling’  - (Silver Linden tree)
Cladastris kentuckea  (Yellowwood)
Corylus colurna (Turkish Filbert)
Aesculus Hippocastanum (Fort Mcnair Horsechestnut)
 Acer beurgeranium (Trident maple)

             Medium 25-to-45-foot  Evergreen Street Trees
Chamaecyparus nootkatensis (Alaskan Cedar)
Pinus sylvestris (Scotch Pine)

             Tall 40-to-70-foot Deciduous Trees
Carya cordiformis (Bitternut Hickory)   
Carya ovata (Red Hickory)
Quercus montana  (Chestnut Oak)
Platanus x acerifolia  (London Planetree)
Fagus sylvatica (European Beech)- many great varieties
Ulmus ‘Morton Stalwart  (‘Accolade’ Elm) 
Ulmus ‘Frontier’  (‘Frontier’ Elm)

Tall 40-to-70-foot Evergreen Street Trees
Abies concolor  (White Fir)
Pseudotsuga menziensii (Douglas Fir)
Picea omorika (Serbian Spruce)
All the species of trees grow in our 'cold hardiness' Zone 5 and most of them also in Zone 4. They like full sun locations and are pollution tolerant.    
Click on a thumbnail below to view the mature size of the tree.
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Tree Replanting Program Featured at West Hartford Home and Garden Show 
    5/12/16 -   Trout Brook Landscaping of West Hartford is jump-starting a planting effort with the assistance of a number of sponsors by giving away trees at the West Hartford Home, Garden & Lifestyle Show on Saturday May 14th, 10am-4pm in the Raymour & Flanigan parking lot at 490 New Park Avenue.   The show is hosted by the West Hartford Home Design District.
      Residents can recall West Hartford’s classic, tree lined boulevards and avenues of years gone by.  The disappearance of the canopy has accelerated in the years since “Snowtober” of 2011.  Damaged trees were removed and those close to power lines were heavily pruned.  Many trees were originally planted for their fast growth and not their strength, so they have not survived.   It’s time to re-canopy our streets by planting stronger tree species that can survive storms.   
     Trees, in 7 gallon containers, will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, to West Hartford residents only, with 1 tree per West Hartford address, as verified by a picture ID.  Participants attend a 10-minute workshop on planting by an arborist.  Recipients agree to email a photo of their newly-planted tree in a street visible location.   There are 75 trees available for West Hartford residents and a number of trees were also donated directly to the Town of West Hartford, which DPW has offered to plant in the town parks!
     A small donation to a designated charity is requested from tree recipients at the Trout Brook Landscaping booth. 
     Tree donors are as follows:  Trout Brook Landscaping, The Hartford Foundation, Butler Power Equipment, Farmington Bank,  Luna Tree Care, Simply Landscaping, American Landscaping,  Gledhill Nursery

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