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(860) 888-8472
(860) 888-8472

Tree Services and Arborist Services

Andrew Bachman, CT arborist No. S6222, is a longtime resident of Connecticut, and a keen student of plant science.  Andrew has studied Horticulture, Urban Forestry, and Organic Landcare to be able to advise clients with confidence and authority.   
He developed the company around his enthusiasm for challenge and productivity.   And as you can see from the pictures below, our team has expertise and passion for the work that we do.
tree repair
    Crown raising, reduction, thinning and cleaning are all arborist terms for types of tree work.
    First, we assess the tree, inspecting for structural integrity, or signs of disease. Then, we make a recommendation to prune or remove the trees.
    We always consider the aesthetic appearance and value of the tree in a tree care plan. Often, there is a treatment or therapy we can recommend to allow you to keep your trees​.

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